Location System


Profilium’s Location System tracks the location of each mobile phone in the network using standard radio information populated in the wireless network. The system employs proprietary radio fingerprinting methods to localize positioning of the entire population of mobile phones in the network when phones are idle or engaged in communication activities. The location information is communicated as a bulk location feed enabling a wide spectrum of location based services.


  • Passive – The system does not impact capacity of the wireless network while tracking location of phones
  • Scale – all phones all the time
  • Indoors – the only technology to provide accurate localization of phones indoors and high density urban environment
  • Outsourced – management of the location technology does not require network operator resources
  • Active and Idle – mobile phones are localized both in-call and off-call modes
  • Bulk – bulk feed standard-based interface for easy to use support of various applications
  • Control – network operators can exercise full control over the distribution of location information